All about resources in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular online games nowadays, they are many strategies and tutorials on the net, so why another one? Well, we noticed that they are almost no one about most important aspect of the game-resources! Resources are in fact most important aspect of the game, because everything is focusing on proper use of resources. In this article we will try to cover some basic information about proper usage of resources in the game.

The game has different resources namely elixir, gold, dark elixir and premium resource of the game-gems. Elixir, gold and dark elixir can be produced and stored in specific buildings. For example, gold is resource that you can obtain by digging gold mines and it can be stored in your gold storages. It is used to build defensive buildings, walls, storages and traps. You will also need a lot of gold for upgrading your structures. Elixir is next resource in the game and it can be produced or collected by elixir collectors. Once when elixir is collected you can store it in special collectors named elixir storages. It is used mainly for upgrading your troops and specific buildings. You can also buy different decorations in the game with elixir. Next resource that is extremely important is dark elixir that can be collected by special structures named dark elixir drills and stored in dark elixir storages. It is very important resource, because you will need dark elixir to train and upgrade special dark elixir units available from dark barracks. Finally, premium resource in the game are gems that can be primary obtained in shop, or you can get them with free clash of clans cheats.

You can get certain amount of gems by leaving obstacles in your village or by completing different achievements in the game. With gems you can buy other resources and additional builder’s huts, but they can also be used to speed up upgrades and finish training of your troops. It is very good strategy to save your gems from tutorial to buy additional builders huts because having more builders will increase the speed of your upgrades. You can also try to complete different achievements in the game to get additional sum of gems.

Resources are extremely important aspect of Clash of Clans in such degree that we may say that they are vital for your success in the game. We are hoping that this short tutorial helped you in understanding basic usage of resources in the game.

MLB 15: The Show Playstation 4 Review

After 10 years of tradition Sony finally shows excellent creation game of the greatest American sport, MLB 14 will satisfy every sport enthusiast. This is excellent game with some astonishing features that came from last year’s impressive game MLB 14: The Show with some minor changes to several modes. The game relies on wonderful surrounding and intense gameplay mechanics. Bringing all those improvements game also received huge graphical upgrade in a form of real-time weather rendering and striking shadows. MLB 15 brings very detailed player models with different variations and features. If you are trying to understand how to get free psn code generator, the answer is very simple, just follow guidelines and you will be able to play MLB 15: The Show within seconds.

It is not just players that are improved in this game, fans will hold interesting signs or dance accordingly to situation on the field, and when something bad happens they will act accordingly. Animations are very nicely done and you will be amazed with actions of players on the field. The biggest addition to MLB 15 is directional hitting that brings much more intuitive approach to hitting. You will need to aim in the direction that is logical and find a good balance between strength and accuracy. Players not respond more realistically on defense in different situations.

Control of the bowl is now easy and smooth. MLB 15 brings excellent online modes that are very much improved. Single player modes now allow you to continue your progress from previous game using save feature. It is possible to import your saved game from MLB 14 and continue to play in MLB 15. There are also some other modes like Flagship Road mode where you start the career and work your way up to the big leagues. In some way this mode brings elements of RPG games in sports simulation on addicting and interesting way. The only change to this mode is licensed equipment change, now you can buy universal card drops and add a authenticity of the branding-heavy real-world MLB broadcasts like Nike shoes or Louisville Slugger bats.

Franchise mode adds GM contracts which can lead to job offers from other clubs. Diamond Dynasty is virtual card-collecting fantasy baseball mode and it has been simplified in new edition of the game. You don’t even have to play to collect cards anymore, and best addition is custom-made utility that brings new possibilities to the game. MLB 15: The Show is great game with lots of different ways to play baseball. If you are baseball fan, MLB 15 is just perfect game for you for this summer.

Upgrade Priority Guide

One of the most important aspects in clash of Clans is upgrade priority, all proper decision what structure should be upgraded first. When upgrading to a new Town Hall level you must choose your priorities and from many options that is risky way to find right upgrade priority. But, do not worry; in this guide we will describe the best upgrade priorities.For all your upgrades you can use clash of clans cheats as reliable solution.

As a general rule they are certain buildings or structures that should be first on your list. You should understand those general rules and apply them to gain advantage in the game. Your first priority at any Town Hall level should be to upgrade the Laboratory before any other structure. The reason is a fact that upgrading units through research is most effective and at the same time easiest way to increase your Army. Upgrading the Laboratory will ensure that you have enough time to complete other upgrades before you go to the next Town Hall level. After you upgraded your laboratory you should upgrade or build another Barrack or Army Camp in the case that today are unlocked with new Town Hall level. This rule applies only to new Army Camps or Barracks, not to existing ones. Adding a new structure will improve production rate and increase your farming abilities.

The third priority should be upgrading the Spell Factory and the reason for that is that Spell Factory will increase your attack and improve your overall power. Only at higher levels it is not practical to upgrade Army Camps at the beginning because they are very expensive and time consuming. After you upgraded your Spell Factory upgrade available Towers, Walls and Storage structures. The best way to increase your defensive power is simply to buy new Towers or add New Walls. By adding additional storage structures you will increase survivability and longevity of your resources because it will be much more difficult for your enemy has to get access to all of your resource structures.

After you created your New Towers, you should upgrade old ones to maximum available level. Do not forget to upgrade Walls at this point, because they will give you additional defense per upgrade. Be careful when upgrading Air Defense, if you upgrade more then one at same time, your base will become vulnerable to aerial attacks. From this point on you can upgrade whatewer structures are not upgraded, like Dark Barracks or Barracks. Follow our upgrade blueprint and you will be victorious in Clash of Clans! See you later!

Destiny – House of Wolves PS4 Game Review

House of Wolves is a try to fix Destiny and this expansion certainly is much better piece of virtual entertainment than its predecessor. The Dark Below felt like dark, dull cave in comparation to fast paced action as we expected from Destiny as action oriented game. New expansion, unlockable with avoir des codes psn gratuit,  do not go in that awkward direction, it brings action in it pure form, solving many wrong points of the original game.

There are many improvements in this expansion that are saving Destiny franchise and pushes players to explore and wait for new expansion. You will have to do a lot things in the game and some players may consider content pumping as unnecessary burden and waste of time. It all depend upon your preferences and taste, just like in life. One thing is for sure House of Wolves shines in story missions. Home of strange alien race, Awoken feels completely different than original races in Tower. Variks and Venj are definitely best written characters in the game. Basically, your new goal of the game will be to capture Skolas and that main mission will unify all other sub quests in the game.

House of Wolves is trying to maintan the action with new strike named The Shadow Thief, and it does very successfully. First part will take you through well known areas of Moon. After your adventure on the Moon is finished, you will be transported to main ship. Boss ship is new setting with tight quarters. Such setting brings a certain amount of frustration in gameplay. Missions are still, basically the same, repetitive shooting wild aliens on different planets. We probably anticipated for more, even those missions are one of the best executed missions in the entire Destiny franchise.
Destiny – House of Wolves brings two new modes the Prison of Elders and the Trials of Osiris. They are something new and fresh in the Destiny universe. The Prison of Elders is very similar to Fireflight mode from Halo with certain implementation problems. Problems are concerning inadequate matchmaking in the game.

That brings additional amount of frustration in the game, especially in the raids. Another mode, The Trials of Osiris suffers from the same problem, and we are truly hoping that in some future patch this problem would be solved. Destiny – House of Wolves introduces Arena, a place where Guardians can compare their individual skills in direct duels. Each match last two minutes and the most important aspects of this mode are teamwork and communications. If your team lack any of those you will lose, definitely.
New weapons and shining new armor in the game brings completely original dimension in the game. You will be able to upgrade your weapons with special tokens, even you have legendary weapon. That will allow you to craft your ideal weapon and modify it according to your preferences. House of Wolves brings many adjustments to Destiny franchise. It’s upon you to decide if such adjustments may save or ruin entire game.