An introduction to international SEO

Does your business service customers from many different countries? Are you international in your ambitions for growth, entering new markets and expanding your brand marketing into new territories? If so, you need to know about international SEO and how you can optimise your websites for local countries.

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What is international SEO?

The efforts to improve the presence of your local website’s ranking in local search engine results pages (SERPs) can be described as international SEO.

You may make technical changes to your websites to indicate the languages they cater to, and you will look to build links with multilingual sites that serve the same countries you are targeting. You will provide content in local languages and build relationships with local influencers.

How can you optimise your site internationally?

An SEO expert such as London SEO agency Elevate UK can help you develop a strategy for your SEO that will optimise your websites for international markets.

They will make recommendations on how your domains can be structured with either country-specific domains or directories, or subdomains within an international domain, such as a .com.

You’ll need to create a strategy for how you will deal with duplicate content across sites in the same language that are serving different locations. You’ll want to work with experts to generate inbound links from external sites with a good authority in their locations. You should think about whether there are any cultural barriers to you rolling out one strategy to multiple locations or whether each specific market needs a tailored strategy to be the most effective way to engage and serve customers in that market via your website.

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Branded traffic is imperative to the success of international SEO, says Search Engine Journal, so brands should consider how the recognition of their brand in each local market needs to affect the things they prioritise to optimise their search results in that market.

Plan how you will add regular fresh content to the websites in each of your locations and manage outreach for link building and influencer relationships via social media marketing. How will your SEO strategy in each market tie into planned advertising and other communication campaigns?

Work with the right expert partner, and your international SEO strategy can be delivered and result in global success for your business.