Future Possibilities

In the current age we live in, technology has become an important component. One of the more exciting aspects of flipping a classroom is that it can free up lecture time to allow students to participate in more hands on activities allowing teachers to gleam the concepts students are struggling with and correcting misconceptions.

Athletes track their speed and distance with wearable technology such as Nike’s new basketball training shoes that transmit data to your iPhone, or wrist bands such as NikiFuel that turns exercise into an interactive game with your body being the game board.

Also, if students go through this lesson very quickly or if someone is exceptionally bright an additional brainstorm can be done either with the whole group or on an individual bases (in which case a sheet would be provided) to identify what we use technology

The Eleanor Roosevelt High School in cooperation with AppsEvents and our amazing partner LogicWing , is proud to be hosting the first NYC Metro Google for Education Summit onMarch 19th (Saturday) with the Google EDU certification preparation boot camp being offered as a whole day pre-summit course on Friday, March

The use of technology is a good thing that allows us to move forward and build things we never dreamed of before but when it becomes a weakness, we need to reexamine our use of it. If we become so dependant on technology that we cannot function without it we are preparing ourselves for a doomsday scenario when it eventually fails and we are helpless to care for