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All You Need to Know About Interest Rates For most of the savvy spenders, one of the things they are worried about is the interest rate. Different interest rates will apply to the same credit card and this is worth noting. You will still get a different rate when you get a new line of credit as well as all the purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. Shopping and comparing the different interest rates is vital if you are to get the best credit card interest rates. When the prime rates go high, it drives the credit card interest rates also higher. The introductory rate which is usually 0{90894810bee0fe2195dcd6b992de56906462d0660e6b32d399b259da9846e814} is the one that will stay constant for most of the lenders. What the lender will offer you as your APR will totally depend on your credit score. Lower interest rates is what you will get if you have a higher credit score because it means that you are more credit worthy thus lesser risky. The lender will offer you with better interest rates when initially giving you the credit card and this is the reason why you must work on the credit score before applying for it. There are a number of reasons that can drive your interest rates high for example if you become more delinquent. You will find that they will increase the rates on your existing balances. Refusing the higher interest rates by closing that credit line is an option that you can exercise. You will be required to pay the existing balances in full but if you keep the line open, you will have to pay with the higher rates. Calling the bank and asking them to reduce the interest rates is an option that you have and you can negotiate the interest rates with them. There are ways you can go about negotiating for your interest rates. If you start negotiating for lower interest rates after the 60 days, chances are that they will not get cut because you need to be prompt with these complaints.
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All the interactions you have with the lender should be kept log of. If you want to get help from the lender, you must be polite with them by staying calm. If you try to be civil with the lender but there is no satisfactory response, the government could be of great help in this sector. Good credit scores will help you get an introductory balance transfer because the lender perceives you as credit worthy. If you are lucky and find a good lender, they will give you a deal up to 2 years and this will save you a lot of money. Our advice is that you do not rush into picking the credit card rather do comparisons with the different ones.Lessons Learned from Years with Loans