January 2017

Welcome to the future technology Here we will provide insights about the advanced technologies and products (which we will be using in the day to day life in the nearest future). The singularity is the term used to describe the hypothesised moment when technology becomes so advanced it radically changes civilization as we know it. This could be from an artificial intelligence reaching a level of super intelligence we cannot imagine, human biology and technology becoming so intertwined that we become almost part machine, or even if we achieve the ability to upload our consciousness so that we essentially live forever.future technology

I personally believe that we are going to see a big shift from devices we hold in our hands or on laps to wearable devices (think for instance about the Apple’s iWatch, Google Glass, Sony SmartWatch, et cetera) and then moving on to further development in retinal implant technology allowing us to actually get all of our daily information streams straight and directly onto our eye’s retina.future technology

Were published renderings, that depict ideas the Indian designers on the topic of appearance and functionality Samsung Galaxy S8. In their view,the mobile phone can be connected to additional modules, putting them at the upper end of the housing, which has a special pad.future technology

I think it was Marc Andreessen or Ben Horowitz who said, If the market really wants a technology it will pull it out of a company.” So even if the team is inexperienced and moving slowly and there are other challenges, if the market really wants something, that strong force can make it happen.

These technology changes won’t just change the customer experience, they’ll change how the world works – how people connect, create, escape, accomplish, work, unwind, understand, stand out, fit in, get smart, get well, get money and simply live,” the report states.