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There are several types of latest designs of things are available in market this is the new generation and in this generation there are several types of latest technology of things are launched in market The technology is runs very fast in nowadays I haven seen many types of sea-boats and sea-jet but here is the latest technology of Sea-Doo RXT-X it is one of the latest designs and also it has including latest features. So one of the best technology and richest country of Europe is nothing others of Germany, this country has made success after World War second because of producing great type of military tanks which are used in war therefore this country is making rapid expansion in all fields of technology.

According to the history of this country, France has great or oldest history in fields of science and technology because with the suggestion of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, king of this country encourage as well as protect true spirit of technology research in the country in 1666, so this was the initial point of technology in this country.

University instructional support staff and faculty from all Penn State campuses are especially encouraged to attend, as well as facility and technology managers from schools, businesses, organizations and other individuals seeking to try out the latest-generation equipment offered by several prominent commercial technology companies.

Examples of high-end gadgets include tablet PCs with rugged design for field work in harsh environments, electronic medical equipment, complex car systems with GPS, Bluetooth calls, voice commands and visual/audible traffic rerouting, as well as mobile entertainment devices like those Chinese sun glasses with built-in video playback functionality, which allows you to watch recorded shows or video clips while flying in a plane.

Despite of this also in fast growing technological countries in the world, as US has finest technical intelligence system which is only possible due to its advanced equipment but as talk about the space technology then First man on the moon Neil Armstrong was also from this country USA therefore has great success in Space technology.latest technologylatest technologylatest technology