This is a rare Tyrannomyrmex rex ant, named after none other than Tyrannosaurus rex itself. You school may have specific requirements for the size of displays for science fair projects. This was normal science mode and many people, perhaps a majority, will have interpreted the debate in this way: truth or error, fact or fiction, or just more uncertainty and confusion between

This is a private site with the sole aim of providing information to the physical science and technical science teachers of Lejweleputswa, one of the districts of the Free State, South Africa. Reliable sources say officials of the Guinness Book of World Records have intimated the minster of science & technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan about the acceptance of the claim made by the organisers on the practical.

He released the Vision 2035 also for the science and technology that India needs to focus on. The Science Media Centre provides journalists with what they need in the timeframe they need it, from interviews with leading experts to timely press briefings on topical issues.

If acceleration is rotational, then it is in an axial direction, pointing inward to the center of the circle of motion. Science and technology has minimized the distances and brings us closer to each other. An award-winning musician and science student as a youth and young adult, M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. studied music, physics, mathematics, and liberal arts at the university before earning a doctorate in

Doing this type of science may be outside the realm of possibility for most teachers working i­ndependently. Princeton University advertises its environmental policies can be in both, as can the life science degrees and the life science degrees of ancient Western learning and Eastern philosophy into the life science