The Future Of Technology — Leeds International Festival

The future world could look very different if all of these technologies become a reality. This, allied to the huge and growing proportion of employees who use their own devices for work purposes, will drive increasing numbers of businesses towards purchases of products and services that release their people to work whenever and wherever they are.

Technology and employment: Carl Frey’s collaboration with Michael Osborne (Associate Professor in Machine Learning, Department of Engineering Science) led to the widely-cited ‘The Future of Employment: how susceptible are jobs to computerisation?’ The paper has received widespread attention from media, the public and policymakers.future technologyfuture technology

Searching a destination through a video or voice, ex. If I don’t know the language of a particular destination and still want some information about that place, probably I can upload a video or have a speech technology which can transform my content or search in the local language, and give me the local results.

George Church, the principle investigator on the project explained that this kind of technology represented a sort of merging between programmable robotics, and medical applications inside of the human body – an integration that opens up a dizzying array of potential jobs in the medical field in the very near future.future technology

The development of self-reproducing, super-intelligent, self-powered robots might seem good from the standpoint of some alien intelligence monitoring the technical progress of planet Earth, but the development of such a technology would seem to be a net negative from the standpoint of what is best for mankind.