The importance of commercial refrigerator service and maintenance

if you deal with food, either the preparation or selling of it, you’ll know how important it is that it is stored correctly. This isn’t just a case of food safety. Outbreaks of food poisoning can be dangerous to health, and make or break a business. But on a day to day basis, making sure that your refrigeration units are performing properly helps protect your profits.

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Whether it’s a walk-in fridge or freezer, a reach-in unit or a cooler for staff or customers to use, it’s all the same thing. Every unit will have a range of temperatures that it should work at, and different products will require different settings. If your refrigerators aren’t working properly this could cause food to spoil and hit your profits.

For more information on how to safely store food, visit the Food Standards Agency site –


You really don’t want to come into work and find your refrigerator has broken down in the night. You could lose hundreds of pounds worth of stock, and the ingredients for the next day’s business.

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The best way to avoid this is to ensure that your commercial refrigerator is regularly serviced by having professionals take care of your unit, to keep it running in prime condition.
It isn’t just about break-downs, though. Keeping your units regularly serviced means that they will be working at their optimum efficiency, which will lower your energy costs. With those prices rising, you can see how regular servicing becomes an investment rather than a cost

Choosing a firm

You may already have a chosen firm of commercial catering suppliers. If not then you should ask for recommendations of a reliable company such as By choosing a specialist firm, you will be hiring engineers who are familiar with the makes and models of commercial units and the problems they can experience.

You may find a company that offers a fixed price service contract or similar, allowing you to get some peace of mind. Your equipment will be protected by regular servicing and you know that once you place a call you will have an engineer on site within a certain amount of time.

This isn’t an area of your business where it pays to cut corners. Keep your equipment in great working order by choosing a service contract today.